The year 2019 marked a year of changes for Starflex Public Company Limited (SFLEX). The Board of Directors decided that the Company should be reorganized to be leaner and clearer, in particular with regard to the Quality Management System (QMS).

In addition, the Company selected and retained expert consultants in many fields such as risk management, corporate communications, procurement and cost management, to raise the standard of our work toward a global level.

Another notable development of the Company was our successful registration with the Stock Exchange of Thailand followed by the first day trading on 19 December 2019. Such milestones, obtained only after careful scrutiny from the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Stock Exchange of Thailand, guarantee that our Company has had a satisfying operation results, stable financial status, as well as transparency of information disclosure beneficial to our business operations. Our shareholders are confident that the Board of directors, the Audit Committee, the Management and employees will take Starflex Public Company Limited towards prosperous and sustainable growth.

Mr. Pakorn Malakul Na Ayudhya

Chairman of the Board of Directors

For over 16 years, Starflex Public Company Limited (SFLEX) has operated with strong determination, attention to quality, as well as understanding and detail care of customers. Nowadays, SFLEX has become the leading corporation for flexible packaging in Thailand. With our specific business expertise developed from direct experiences and continuous feedback from customers, SFLEX is ready to compete on a global level.

Prioritizing technology and innovation, we have always selected the top and most advanced technologies. SFLEX is fully aware of the rapid global changes and we have prepared a working plan to deal with such changes. In particular, SFLEX has emphasized the Green Marketing, which is considered to be a mega-trend in the world.

SFLEX is confident that we will be among the world-wide leaders in flexible packaging business operators and will progress to become the leader in the ASEAN region with stability and sustainability.

Mr. Printhorn Apithanasriwong

Chairman of the Executive Committee