Starflex produces and distributes soft plastic packaging (Flexible Packaging)

Characteristics of our products

The Company produces and distributes soft plastic packaging (flexible packaging), for both liquid and dry goods according to customer orders (Made to Order). Soft plastic packaging is a multilayer film), splicing from 2-5 layers using glue or resin as binding material, resulting in rigid, and resistant to heat and high pressure, lightweight, and available to print graphic patterns on the surface. In addition, the packaging property can prevent air, sunlight, and odor ingress, and to maintain the quality of the products contained in the package efficiently.

The type of soft plastic packaging under production and distribution of the Company is divided into 2 categories, depending on the needs of customers as follows:

The majority of the Company's revenue derives from the distribution of film roll packaging which representing 84.79 percent and 81.70 percent of revenue from sales of soft plastic packaging in 2018 and during the first 9 months in 2019, respectively. Our soft plastic packaging is a roll of film processed through printing and laminating. After that, the roll of such film is split up to the width specified by the customer in which the maximum width of the film roll at the Company's slitting machine can be supported up to 1,080 millimeters. The film roll is mainly distributed to consumer product manufacturers that have their own pouch forming machines. The film roll packaging must have the physical properties suitable for the pouch forming machine of the customer i.e. the width, the smoothness of the film surface. Since it affect the operation of the pouch forming machine, the production of film roll packaging requires skills and expertize in adjusting the film formula and other raw materials such as glue and ink, in order to achieve a suitable film roll that meets customer requirements and can be used with each pouch forming machine at the customer's site efficiently.

Pre Form Pouch is produced by forming the printed and coated film roll into a finished pouch ready for packaging. Customers who order Pre Form Pouch are manufacturers of consumer products that do not have their own pouch forming machines or customers who have a pouch forming machine, but cannot properly support the film material used in the production of the pouch. Pre Form Pouch can be produced in various forms depending on the needs of customers which includes the following.

  1. Stand-up pouch, stand-up pouch with zip
  2. 3-sided seal pouch, 3-sided seal pouch with zip
  3. Center seal pouch, center seal & gusset pouch
  4. 4-sided seal pouch
  5. Flat bottom pouch

Characteristics of our products

Revenue Types 2016 2017 2018 2019
THB million Percent THB million Percent THB million Percent THB million Percent
- Roll form products 1,008.54 85.40 1,096.71 81.04 1,149.73 83.66 1,026.58 80.62
- Roll form products 123.78 10.48 164.58 12.16 206.28 15.01 227.36 17.86
Total Revenue from sales of soft plastic packaging 1,132.32 95.88 1,261.29 93.20 1,356.01 98.67 1,253.94 98.48
Other sales revenue1) 38.08 3.22 76.59 5.66 5.17 0.38 1.70 0.13
Total sales revenue 1,170.40 99.10 1,337.87 98.86 1,361.18 99.05 1,255.64 98.61
Other revenue2) 10.60 0.90 15.46 1.14 13.07 0.95 17.71 1.39
Total revenue 1,181.01 100.00 1,353.33 100.00 1,374.25 100.00 1,273.35 100.00


Other sales revenue includes revenue from sales of raw materials and revenue from film coating services.
Other income is revenue from sales of film scraps, income from sales of trial production (sample for sale), product compensation income, income from rental, profit from exchange rate, etc. In this regard, the product compensation income consists of compensation received from suppliers, concerning damage from using raw materials to produce the Company's products and compensation received from customers in case when the production order exceeds the demand.