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Recyclable Pouch by use MDO & BOPE

Machine-Direction Orientation Film (MDO) is made where a polymer film is heated to a temperature slightly below its melting point and stretched in a particular orientation. The film can be cast on MDO machine, or this step introduced as the last stage in the manufacture of blown films. For cast film with MD & TD directions will be called Bi Axial Orientation Film (BOPE)

Benefit of MDO

The benefits of MDO technology are numerous. The process enhances the qualities of the film as a packing material both mechanical and optical which the film has more puncture resistance, more transparency with glossy and better WVTR for barrier side. We can set the condition of MDO process to adjust all properties we are require, MDO film can be stretched up to 1,000%.

Another advantage is less raw material be used, leading to reduced mass and lower transportation costs. Perhaps best of all, MDO film can improve your company’s green credentials by shrinking your carbon footprint

Uses of MDO Film

To replace OPA by MDO film and laminate with LLDPE for stand up pouch of liquid product as liquid detergent, fabric softener and dish wash. Other products by MDO are impermeable layer in nappies, sanitary products, incontinence pads and biodegradable film to improve its strength.

Mono Material Pouch

For the trend of 2025, all packing material will be recyclable. That is, the structure must be Mono Material as PP or PE instead of current structure which are Nylon/LLDPE , Nylon/MPET/LLDPE, PET/LLDPE, PET/MPET/LLDPE.

  • Mono based material concept will be recyclable pouch
  • Mono material: All PE or PP based structure
  • Barrier substrate: MOPP or MPE to replace MPET & Alu Foil
  • Sealant substrate: PP, LLDPE
  • Printing substrate: MDO PE or BOPE to replace Nylon or PET


  • Recyclable packaging can reduce garbage
  • Decreasing energy use in order to destroy the same composition of material


  • Barrier properties are less than current specifications
  • Limitation for product content inside because of film strength is less than current specification